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Ken Bishop was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario but moved to Alberta in the late 70s and is now residing in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

The name he chose for his art work tells a lot about his view of the sculptures that he creates, Stone Imaginations. Ken began working in stone over a decade ago and does mostly abstract carvings. “People see representations of different things in my sculptures and that is what it is all about, allowing your imagination to dictate the piece.

Besides sculpting stone, Ken also does ink work and photography. On the performing arts side he has been performing puppetry for many years including five years on CTV and five years weekly at West Edmonton Mall. He called his puppets the Kenuppets then and now it is PK and his Friends Forever Puppets.

“You are only as limited as your imagination.”

Concerning the sculptures Ken says, “Stones, like people, often need a helping hand to bring out the natural beauty that lies within.”



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